Leave a Legacy

You can help sustain a 50-year legacy of doing good for the people of Maui!

The J. Walter Cameron Center’s operating support comes from you, the general public, businesses, trusts, and foundations.


General Donations
Any donation in any amount can be made to the J. Walter Cameron Center by cash, check or online.
Employer Matching Gifts
Did you know that you can double the impact your donation makes without spending any money? Many corporations and companies offer to match gifts ranging from $25 to $5,000. Ask your employer if they have a program or desire to match your gift of support.
Naming J. Walter Cameron Center in your will or living trust

Including J. Walter Cameron Center in your will or living trust is the most common form of planned gift. To do this, you will need your attorney to draft a codicil (for a will) or amendment (for a living trust) or to write a new will or living trust. Wills and living trusts are revocable documents; nevertheless, you can be recognized in the campaign by signing a pledge form confirming your intentions.

Charitable IRA giving option
By making an IRA charitable contribution to the J. Walter Cameron Center, you will maximize your charitable impact on the Center, while reducing your tax liabilities. If you’ve reached the age of 70 1/2, a direct transfer of up to $100,000 from an individual retirement account to a charity is the most common way for donors to make and it’s tax-free. To use the Charitable IRA giving option, contact your IRA plan administrator for the correct forms or you may simply write a check from your IRA checkbook to J. Walter Cameron Center.
Designate J. Walter Cameron Center as a beneficiary of your IRA or Pension Plan
By naming J. Walter Cameron Center as a beneficiary of your IRA, pension plan or other retirement assets, you are creating a revocable commitment to J. Walter Cameron Center. This is a tax-wise form of giving, as funds designated in this manner are not subject to income tax after your passing. While estate taxes may or may not be a concern for you, all IRA, pension plan and pre-tax retirement assets are subject to income tax when distributed unless a non-profit institution like J. Walter Cameron Center is named beneficiary of some or all of the funds. Changing a beneficiary designation only requires the filing a new beneficiary designation form. As with bequests, you can be recognized in the campaign by signing a pledge form confirming your intentions.
Establish a planned gift that provides lifetime income to you and/or your spouse
Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities allow J. Walter Cameron Center supporters to transfer cash or appreciated securities in exchange for a fixed or adjustable income stream, with the funds remaining at the end of trust or annuity passing to J. Walter Cameron Center. Such gifts may be for one or two lives, or a term of years. One income beneficiary must be at least 60 years of age and the minimum gift size is $10,000. Payment rates for these gift vehicles depend upon your goals, IRS limitations and the particular gift structure chosen. All versions of these gifts provide donors with an immediate partial income tax deduction, by-passing of capital gains and avoidance of estate taxes.
Gift ownership of a Life Insurance Policy
Insurance policies in which there are no more premiums due are ideal assets to gift to J. Walter Cameron Center if family no longer needs the insurance. Alternatively, a new insurance policy can be purchased naming the J. Walter Cameron Center as the owner with a pledge to make annual gifts to cover the premium payments. We will work with you and your financial advisor to determine the best policy to use for this purpose.
Gifts of Real Estate
Either for an immediate gift or with a charitable trust that provides income to you and/or a loved one, charitable giving with real estate offers a wonderful opportunity to avoid capital gains taxes and to greatly benefit J. Walter Cameron Center. There are numerous options to consider depending on your needs, the property involved and the marketability of the property. Generally, J. Walter Cameron Center requires the property to be unencumbered and that environmental inspections performed prior to considering acceptance.
Gifts of Stock
In general, publicly traded securities can be gifted to J. Walter Cameron Center and it should be anticipated that such gifts will be immediately sold. In no event will a particular security be held by J. Walter Cameron Center.