Energy Initiatives

The Center was using 800,000 kWh’s of energy per year, thanks to all the energy measures on energy efficiency we are now utilizing 560,000 kWh’s per year! A decrease in energy consumption of 32%.


  • Installation of 3 Photovoltaic systems (107 KW’s, 147 KW’s and 15.1 KW’s).
  • Upgrade and replacement of 200 windows to double pane glass.
  • Lighting retrofitting and replacement of 2,500 lamps for LED lamps.
  • Installation of a 125 tons Smartd Turbo Cord AC chiller (savings of 100,000 kWh’s annually).
  • Roof upgrade to hydro-coating for light reflection and roof protection decreasing building heat.
  • Replacement of 8 water heaters for smaller efficiency units.
  • Upgrade of pool heather for energy efficiency unit.