Meeting Room Rules

  1. Application for Use shall be made at the Cameron Center office during business hours, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM OR via Internet Web link fillable form. Individual or Organization’s authorized representative shall certify compliance with these written rules when signing said application.
  2. User(s) shall sign-out key to reserved meeting room(s) at the Cameron Center office. Refer to ARTICLE V, Page 3.
  3. User(s) shall be responsible for leaving the premises clean and orderly. Refer to ARTICLE III, Page 2. If additional cleaning is needed, the responsible User will be assessed the cost for cleaning. Cameron Center’s staff members are NOT responsible for reconfiguring or cleaning the meeting room(s) after use.
  4. User(s) shall be responsible for any damage to the meeting room and its’ contents (furniture and equipment) or loss of, media equipment and/or additional property from premises. Any and all damage or loss shall be reported promptly and User(s) shall reimburse the Cameron Center for the cost of repair and/or replacement of same. User(s) shall hold J. Walter Cameron Center harmless of liability and all related to User(s) items left or forgotten, unattended, unsecured, neglected, lost and/or stolen.
  5. User(s) shall not mark, deface and/or damage the interior & exterior walls, floors, carpet, and/or ceilings.
  6. Cameron Center’s Staff is not responsible for relaying messages to persons attending meetings, EXCEPT in cases of extreme emergency. User(s) are advised to instruct their employees / volunteers and others accordingly.
  7. Use of the Cameron Center’s meeting room(s) and restroom facilities are restricted to the authorized User(s) as specified and designated on the application.
  8. Use of Cameron Center’s full-size kitchen facilities are available upon request. You are advised that the kitchen isNOT a certified industrial kitchen. Thereby, all cooking and preparation of food for ANY and ALL Fundraisers is strictly PROHIBITED. User(s) shall be responsible for furnishing their own supplies, i.e. cups, plates, flatware, utensils, pots & pans, dish-soap, etc. User(s) shall be responsible for clean-up after use.
  9. User(s) shall be responsible for securing ALL entry doors, restroom facilities, and turning off all lights, sound system, and kitchen stove.
  10. Due to the partitions restrictive noise barriers between meeting rooms, generated sounds of loud discussions cannot be contained. Therefore, User(s) shall be responsible for ALL attendees to maintain a respectable noise level for other User(s) located in neighboring meeting room.
  11. Consumption of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  12. Pets of any species are not permitted in Cameron Center’s meeting room(s), with the EXCEPTION of service or guide dogs.
  13. Failure to comply with these written rules shall disqualify the User(s) from further and future use of Cameron Center’s meeting room(s) and facilities.